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Progentra’s advanced supplement technology yields penis enlargement results like never before. Experience real penis enlargement with PROGENTRA today!


It doesn’t take a minute of searching online for male enhancement supplements before you come across a review about Progentra. Experts and critics have all lauded Progentra for our display of on-point technology that was used to make penis enlargement more efficient for everyone. Progentra quickly became popular because of various individuals who have attested to the benefits of the product. To date, Progentra is the top-selling male enhancement supplement, and the #1 ranked male enhancement supplement in the market today.


Progentra is the most advanced penis enlargement solution in the market today, powered by a revolutionary SYNER-BOOST technology that yields penis enlargement results never before experienced in a male enhancement supplement.

Progentra has been developed over years of intricate research and testing to yield the perfect formula. Within a few weeks, Progentra promises to increase your penis size significantly, as well as your libido and sexual stamina. No other product in the market today exhibits the comprehensive approach of Progentra towards men’s sexual health. As a result, Progentra is ranked in various review aggregate websites as the BEST male enhancement supplement ever developed.


The Science Behind Progentra

The concept behind Progentra isn’t exactly new, but the genius is in the implementation of the concept which led to the brand’s success. Much like how medicine is being created by combining two or more ingredients, Progentra did the same by testing which ingredients go well together as opposed to the more common practice of selecting ingredients based on individual benefits.

Progentra’s target goal of penis enlargement is achievable through a series of events triggered by Progentra. The main benefit of the formula is the improvement in sex drive, which enhances the amount of blood routed to the penis to cause an erection. The natural erection sequence would be then boosted by dilating blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to the penis. Lastly, the hormone stabilizers ensure that the user experiences more erections, which by the function of Progentra, would trigger a rapid expansion of penile tissue, leading to penis enlargement.

Progentra Results

What you need to know about Progentra

Due to its potency, many had the wrong impression that Progentra is a restricted supplement that requires special permissions or a doctor’s prescription to acquire. As it stands, Progentra is classified as a supplement, since it is made from 100% natural ingredients. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase Progentra. You may seek the advice of your physician to ensure your health when taking supplements, especially for a supplement as potent as Progentra.

Progentra is a daily supplement. For best results, we recommend that you take two capsules of Progentra daily for at least three months. Based on our own studies, we have discovered that the peak results of Progentra occur between the second and fourth month of continuous use.


The entire concept of Progentra is centered on ingredient synergy, a concept that has been used by pharmaceutical companies to develop better-performing medicine by combining two or more components together. Progentra is developed from the same concept, which greatly improved its overall effectiveness without elevating the risk for side effects.

Progentra has three major components – vasodilators, testosterone boosters, and hormone stabilizers. Each component plays a significant role in the formula that makes it even more effective as a penis enlargement solution. Progentra’s active ingredients synergize perfectly to focus blood flow to the penis to increase size, hardness, and endurance.

Vasodilators expand blood vessels to make room for more blood to flow. This is further increased by testosterone boosters which increase the body’s sensitivity to sexual stimulus, causing an erection. The natural process of achieving an erection systematically dilates and contracts blood vessels to force blood to the penis. The increased frequency of erections, combined with improved blood flow increases the pressure and volume of blood that flows to the penis, which instantly makes erections bigger. Over time, this results in increased penis size due to expanding penile chambers. Progentra lets men achieve permanent penis growth in as quickly as two weeks, and the best results can be observed within 2-4 months of continuous use.

Progentra Ingredients

Progentra is made with only the best ingredients in the market today. Here are some to name a few:

Main Ingredients

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is one of the most potent aphrodisiac ingredients ever used in male enhancement. Tongkat Ali helps to prolong erections, as well as to improve the body’s sensitivity to sexual stimulus. Tongkat Ali’s strongest contribution to the formula is its testosterone-boosting properties. Tongkat Ali also functions as a potent PDE-5 inhibitor which further increases the effectiveness of vasodilators. By inhibiting PDE-5, Tongkat Ali intensifies the effects of cGMP, resulting in better blood flow to the penis.


L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that functions as a vasodilator. Naturally, L-Arginine’s function in the body is to help regulate blood flow and pressure. L-Arginine is used in the supplement industry as a muscle-building supplement that helps improve pump and muscle strength. The formula contains a much more concentrated form of L-Arginine, which quickly converts into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide then gets converted into cGMP upon combining with guanosine monophosphate. cGMP is the compound that relaxes smooth muscles in the blood vessels to induce vasodilation. As a result, blood flow is improved to the penis. L-Arginine synergizes with testosterone boosters found in the formula which increases the body’s sensitivity to sexual stimulus.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is the most popular male enhancement ingredient today, given that it cost-effective, and it synergizes well with the other ingredients in the formula. Horny Goat Weed contains Icariin, which improves libido and endurance. Horny Goat Weed also works as a PDE-5 inhibitor to intensify erections and prevent erectile dysfunction. The formula contains a potent 60% Icariin, which is the most potent extract possible for Horny Goat Weed

Auxiliary Ingredients

Progentra’s auxiliary ingredients are designed to produce more output from the main ingredients of Progentra.


MuiraPuama is a fast-acting testosterone booster and PDE-5 inhibitor that allows the formula to be quickly absorbed by the body. MuiraPuama is typically absorbed by the body in just minutes, and it sets the groundwork to boost the effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula.

Maca Root

Maca Root works as a hormone stabilizer to allow the user to enjoy more intense and more frequent orgasms. Maca Root inhibits oxytocin and prolactin in the brain to prevent the user from feeling sexually desensitized following an orgasm. As a result, men experience more, longer-lasting erections, as well as total control over their orgasms to prevent premature ejaculation.


TribulusTerrestris is one of the most popular testosterone-boosting supplements used in the market today, used by both seeking to increase muscle mass and those who want to improve sexual performance. TribulusTerrestris increases testosterone production by preventing the conversion of testosterone to derivatives such as estrogen and estradiol. As a result, not only does the body get a prolonged exposure to heightened testosterone, it gets rid of estrogen and its other forms, which counter the effects of testosterone as a libido booster.


Damiana is a fast-absorbing aphrodisiac that works hand in hand with muirapuama to greatly improve libido and sexual endurance in just minutes. Damiana reinforces muirapuama, and in the process, it enhances the effectiveness of vasodilators, testosterone boosters, and hormone stabilizers.


XanthoparmeliaScabrosa is a testosterone booster that helps improve the overall production of testosterone by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme that breaks down testosterone into its derivatives which include estradiol and estrogen. Xanthoparmelia boosts the effectiveness of the formula by maximizing the effects of the other testosterone boosters while minimizing the counter-productive effects of estrogen and estradiol.


Progentra is the best thing to ever happen to male enhancement. That’s why Progentra is made much easier to purchase with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. All Progentra purchases are covered with a 90-day money back guarantee to virtually ensure that you can fully evaluate the product without any risk to you. Should you feel unsatisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll process a full refund on your purchase. That’s a promise.


See why Progentra is the best product you can get your hands on today. Order Progentra now and get exclusive deals when you buy 3-month or 6-month packs!


Progentra is undoubtedly the most trusted, most effective brand that you can get your hands on today. Imagine all the changes that all the benefits of Progentra could bring – that could be yours in just a few weeks of taking Progentra. Progentra is simply a product that men cannot afford to miss out on, especially for men who want to make a positive change in their sex life. Order Progentra today and experience a complete change in your sex life – in just weeks!

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Take one (1) tablet in the a.m. and (1) tablet in the p.m. For maximum effectiveness, this product should be used daily.

Not to be taken by those under 18 years of age. Use only as directed. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

DISCLAIMER: testimonials are submitted by independent customers. Results can vary. There is no guarantee of results described.

Joey T May 22, 2017
Progentra is unbelievable stuff. Definitely made me a lot bigger.
David Cross May 22, 2017
Pregentra really is a triple threat male enhancement supplement delivering on size (*pow*), increased stamina (*pow*) and libido enhancement (*kapow*).
Don Carino May 24, 2017
This had zero effects on my hubby for the first two weeks and it was a bummer. But he pushed on and decided to continue taking it, hoping it’s just taking its time. Well I guess he made the right choice because now our sex is just amazing. His erection is now much better… and longer-lasting. So thanks.
Scott Mason May 24, 2017
I suffered from ED and tried everything on the market. I came across this product surfing the web and read some good reviews. The problem with buying things online is that you don’t really know what works. I’m not one to normally comment on these things, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. My erections are hard and long lasting again. I even noticed more size in my erection. I give this product 5 stars. I hope this review finds men with similar issues as mine. Give this product a shot, you will not be disappointed and neither will your partner.
ingenious May 25, 2017
Progentra is excellent! Got all of the size I wanted in just 10 weeks of usage. Definitely buying more.
Mike P. May 25, 2017
There’s Progentra, and then there’s everything else. I’ve tried hundreds of male enhancement pills, and Progentra is the one that worked best for me. You’ll see size in just a few weeks.
Rick G May 25, 2017
I’m 50 years old, and I’ve been seeing my penis get smaller and smaller, and my sex-drive is non-existent. With Progentra, my penis got a lot bigger, I have more erections, and my sex-drive is like I’m 18 again. Amazing stuff.
Smith Daniels May 25, 2017
I definitely saw big results. Glad I tried it.
Fred Timmony May 25, 2017
Improved my sex-drive, erections, and size. Love it.
Pete Hummin May 25, 2017
Insane results with Progentra. Blown away by how quickly it works.
Dan S. August 8, 2017
I was blown away by how fast this pill works! Just took it, and in about 15 minutes I was fully erect. No doubt about it, Progentra is the real deal!
Andrew K. August 8, 2017
Progentra is amazing. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks, and I can already see the changes. I’m bigger and more confident now. Just ordered the full 3-month pack. Let’s see how this goes!
Kevin D. August 8, 2017
Progentra is probably the 5th penis enlarger product that I tried, and so far this is the only one that really worked. I’m amazed at how fast the results came. Definitely worth every penny.
Bob I. August 8, 2017
At my age, it’s hard to keep up with the younger ladies. That’s why I bought Progentra. It turned the clock back for me real quick. I’ve never felt this young in ages!
Steven J. August 8, 2017
I was skeptical at first. Who wouldn’t be? 2 inches in two months? Who would’ve thought that Progentra was as accurate as it could be. I just grew my size 1.5 inches in just a month. I didn’t even know that it was possible!
Joel P. August 8, 2017
I couldn’t have found a better product than Progentra. My libido is as intense as ever. My erections are firmer – and size. Man, I grew mine like a carrot – an inch longer and thicker in just a month! It was so good I had to let you guys know. Keep it up!
Bobby C. August 8, 2017
Can’t remember the last time that I was worried about being limp when having sex. Progentra has truly changed my confidence whenever I get to have sex. Progentra has really upped my game.
Walter F. August 8, 2017
Just finished my first bottle of Progentra, and I tell you – this stuff is amazing. It’s like nothing I’ve taken before. Even more intense than the pills the doctors gave me. Progentra makes you firm, and big – and you’ll notice it instantly. Top-notch stuff. Definitely recommended.
Michael B. August 8, 2017
Progentra is the first penis enlargement pill that really worked for me. I’ve tried pumps and creams to no avail, but Progentra definitely brought results. I didn’t know growing your penis would be this easy!
Alex August 8, 2017
I just love it when ladies see how big I am inside my pants. There’s no better feeling than seeing their shock and amazement when they get to see it fully erect, and I have Progentra to thank for that. I grew 2 inches in one month. Progentra is simply the best product out there.
Mickey August 8, 2017
I was born with a penis that is 5 inches long when erect. Of course I was unhappy with my size, and started looking for options to make it bigger. I considered having a surgery to make it bigger, but not only was it expensive, it was risky. I tried Progentra, and I immediately thought that this was much better than the surgery. It made me bigger, and it made me even more intense when having sex. It was the full sexual upgrade that no surgery would have done for me. Thanks Progentra!
Allen Y. August 8, 2017
I’ve only finished my first bottle, but I feel like I’ve gotten the full benefits of Progentra already. I’m an inch and a half bigger, and my penis is a lot thicker than it was before. Sex is definitely more pleasurable for me, and as far as I can tell, my girl is having a lot of fun with it too. Just came back to order another bottle!
Russell P. August 8, 2017
I ditched the blue pill for Progentra, and it was the best decision I’ve made in years. Progentra gave me a whole new experience that no other pill was able to give.
Aldrin T. August 8, 2017
I’ve always had performance issues in the bedroom. It’s either I finish up too quickly, or I don’t get started at all. Progentra really made a huge difference for me as it not only got rid of my sexual problems, it also made it a whole lot better by giving me what I’ve always wanted – a bigger penis!
Patrick August 8, 2017
The funniest thing just happened – my male nurse buddy just told me he uses this really great pill that makes his penis bigger – it was Progentra. I showed him my Progentra bottle and told him that I take ‘em too.
Christian Wellna August 8, 2017
Progentra is unreal. I have seen like 2 inches of gains and it just keeps growing. I absolutely love this stuff.
Jill amy August 10, 2017
It works ok
James hawkins August 20, 2017
Just got the six pack Im going to start taking real soon
James hawkins August 24, 2017
Are these real comments
Prime Health Customer Support August 25, 2017
Hello James!

We’re glad you’re using Progentra and are excited to see results. The 6-month supply is the perfect starting point for seeing the best results.

And yes, these are real reviews from real customers!

Hope this helps,
Prime Health Customer Support
Austin McCormick October 13, 2017
I’m planning on ordering a 6 month supply soon, I hope this is ligit and isn’t a scam. Are these comments real?
Prime Health Customer Support October 25, 2017
Hello Austin,

Progentra is indeed legit! Thousands of men have seen incredible results in as little as 8-10 weeks. A 6-month supply would be a great idea to see continued results.

And yes, these comments are from REAL customers!
Mike L. October 13, 2017
Progentra definitely works, one of if not the best male enhancement supplements on the market
Bob W. October 13, 2017
I've only been taking Progentra for a month and already see a huge increase in size. It is well worth the money
Jim Jones October 13, 2017
For the price and the results this is the best product out there. Saw results in a few weeks after I started and no side effects
Steve Gonzalez October 13, 2017
Product works well, wish I went with 3 bottles from the start for the discount because I'm definitely going with this company again.
Jay Orr October 13, 2017
This product gave me bigger length and girth after just a couple of weeks. Stamina was off the charts and I was able to go all night
Jimmy Hay October 13, 2017
There is no question at all that Progentra increased my size. It's great to finally find a male enhancement pill that works without all the side effects
John Anderson October 13, 2017
Huge confidence booster in the bedroom. The improvement in size makes all the difference in the world
Sean O'Connor October 13, 2017
I've tried many male enhancement products and this one is most effective by far. Saw an increase in both length and girth after only a few weeks.