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Experience unmatched sex drive and sexual stamina that gives you pornstar-like libido and endurance!


Hundreds of male enhancement brands have tried to produce the perfect libido-boosting solution, and none were able to come as close to the level of perfection that Sexual Overdrive delivers. In a market where 90% of products fail to meet the user’s expectations, Sexual Overdrive is a rare breed which not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of its users – so much that it has become the gold standard in aphrodisiacs. They say you haven’t experienced raw sexual hunger until you’ve taken Sexual Overdrive. Find out why:


Sexual Overdrive is a premium male enhancement supplement specially engineered to deliver maximum libido and enhanced sexual endurance. Sexual Overdrive is the response to the growing demand for genuine aphrodisiacs, in an age where majority of products fail to meet their customers’ expectations. Sexual Overdrive gives men the advantage of superior sexual performance without having to rely on drugs with dangerous side effects.

Sexual Overdrive produces outputs of +50% potency than the next leading aphrodisiac in the market, with much better absorption efficiency and 65% more lasting effect on the user. Sexual Overdrive has proven to be one of the fastest-selling male enhancement supplements in the market today, eclipsing other aphrodisiac brands. Even after 2 years from its release, Sexual Overdrive remains to be a customer favorite, with majority of its sales coming from repeat customers and special orders for resale overseas.

The Science behind Sexual Overdrive

Aphrodisiacs have been the bread-and-butter of the male enhancement industry for the last decade. With many brands featuring aphrodisiac benefits, it would appear that men have enough choices to choose from when it comes to aphrodisiacs. Sexual Overdrive, however, gives men a superior formula which never disappoints. When a person takes Sexual Overdrive for the first time, a distinct ‘kick’ is experienced, which can only be described as an otherworldly sexual hunger that fuels your sex drive.

Sexual Overdrive maximizes the results from its ingredients by selecting ingredients which are known to produce better results when combined; a key solution used by pharmaceutical companies worldwide. By combining two or more ingredients that perform better when combined, Sexual Overdrive is able to produce much better results than your average aphrodisiac.

Sexual Overdrive is all about testosterone and hormone balance. By combining testosterone boosters and natural aromatase inhibitors, it enables the body to ramp up testosterone which influences sex drive. At the same time, Sexual Overdrive also contains ingredients which prevent the user from being sexually desensitized in the minutes following an orgasm. By having all of these factors wrapped up in a single formula, Sexual Overdrive brings you a sexual performance boost like no other.

Why Choose Sexual Overdrive?

If you have tried taking aphrodisiacs before, you might have been disappointed over its underwhelming results. That’s because many brands do not contain anything out of the ordinary, except for a few herbs which make little to no benefit for the user. Sexual Overdrive, on the other hand, has the science to back up its claims. Not only that, positive reviews and a loyal brand following can be seen with a quick Google search. The best part is, Sexual Overdrive is covered by a money-back guarantee, which lets you purchase with confidence.

Sexual Overdrive Ingredients

See what makes Sexual Overdrive special!


Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed, or Epimedium, is one of the most important herbs in the male enhancement industry. The formula contains a concentrated extract of Icariin, which is responsible for the intense testosterone boost achieved by taking the product. Horny Goat Weed synergizes with the other ingredients in the formula, which allows each ingredient to perform better than its standalone counterparts. Our formula contains a 60% extract of Icariin which is quickly absorbed by the body for optimal performance.

Maca Root

Maca Root plays an important role in making sure that the user can bounce back faster after achieving an orgasm. Typically, testosterone levels drop after ejaculating, a period which is known as the ‘refractory period’ and prevents men from experiencing sexual arousal following an orgasm. Maca Root inhibits the neurotransmitters that prevent sexual arousal after ejaculation to allow the user to experience sexual stimulation and bounce back faster after experiencing an orgasm.


These secondary ingredients are designed to amplify the effects of the main ingredients in the formula


Yohimbe is a potent vasodilator which amplifies the effects of aphrodisiacs and other vasodilators in the formula to intensify erections and sexual endurance. Yohimbe is known to promote better circulation and can be absorbed in a matter of minutes by the body.


MacunaPruriens is a fast-acting aphrodisiac which acts on various receptors in the body to promote better sexual function and better sex drive. MacunaPruriens is utilized by the formula as an ‘amplifier’ to the other aphrodisiacs, testosterone boosters, and vasodilators to allow the user to experience a much bigger impact on erectile function.


Sexual performance is driven by a superior libido. Give yourself the ultimate gift of sexual performance by taking the #1 male enhancement aphrodisiac today. Sexual Overdrive lets you experience sex in a completely new light. With the advanced, no-nonsense formula, you get to experience sexual drive and hunger like never before. Order Sexual Overdrive today and be a beast in the bedroom!

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Tormey Villalobos May 20, 2017
One of the best product with long lasting power. It really works for me. It gives me so much of energy while sexual time.
Gerome Brand May 23, 2017
Sexual Overdrive is a Great product! I have noticed that I have more confidence in and out of the bedroom with more happy energy! I feel like my age is going in reverse.
Malcolm Reichardt May 24, 2017
I feel more energize than I have ever felt on any energy drinks or supplement. I feel like its giving me energy from a more deeper source than just a one hit booster. I totally recommend it!